Microleaves, which has been considered the leading entity in the proxy community, was formed back in 2012 with the sole purpose to provide the best proxy quality on the internet.

They provide both Residential Rotating Proxies, Dedicated Proxies, and Shared Proxies. Claiming to have one of the biggest peers to peer connection web containing 26 million IP’s, Microleaves has surely become one of the biggest proxies on the internet.

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Microleaves provides three different types of proxies on its website, which are listed as follows

  • Rotating Residential Proxies
  • Dedicated Proxies
  • Shared Proxies
Microleaves DetailsUser RatingUser Reviews
Dedicated Proxy Yes
HTTP/HTTPs Proxy Yes
Residential Proxies Yes
Speed 1000 Mbps
Multiple Cities For Backconnect Proxies only
Multiple Subnets Yes
Bandwidth Unlimited
Uptime 99.9%
Non – Sequential IP’s Yes
Customer Support 24/7 Live Support + Live Chat
0.0 rating
0 out of 5 stars (based on 0 reviews)
Very good0%

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User Reviews

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As mentioned before, Microleaves not only provides dedicated and shared proxies, It also provides backconnect or rotating Residential Proxies which are one of the best forms of proxies on the internet. Not only do they provide better IP masking and reduce the risk of online theft for your IP address, But They can also be used to access geo-locked content. Residential IP addresses contain an IP address which belongs to a resident.

Datacenter IP addresses can be easily spotted because they usually have sequential IP addresses and stand out from the crowd of IP addresses. Residential IP addresses can hardly ever be detected, and that is why they have been deemed as the most secure form of proxies on the internet.

Microleaves Reviews Details

Microleaves provides a lot of locations for their Residential Proxy packages. However, for their dedicated and shared proxies, They only provide locations from Buffalo, New York. Using their special Residential proxy package, You can choose location from any country in the world and get a proxy-based in that country. This feature gives the customers a very wide range of choice and hence can easily get any specific locations that they want.

They have surely expanded its company to a leading online proxy selling company with globally high standards than the rest. When you buy proxies from Microleaves, You get to choose from an IP pool of 26 Million IP’s. Hence you get to choose from a lot of IP address while your IP address keeps changing after every five minutes. This mix of Proxy Masking, Residential IP’s and Rotating IP address make these proxies truly undetectable!

Microleaves may not be one of the cheapest residential proxy providers in the market, but they are one of the best proxy selling services on the internet and have been termed as the leading proxy service by various critics throughout the internet. Their GEO rotating residential proxies provides locations from all across the globe. They have set high standards in every sense of the word, Whether it is the quality of the proxies or their tremendous influence on the proxy market.

They are offering both types of proxy authorization, Username/Password authentication, and IP authentication. This is great as you can whitelist the IP’s that you want to use to access your proxies as well as you can use username and password to access your proxies as well. In this way, you will be able to access your proxies no matter your circumstances.

Microleaves Pros

Considered as the leading entity in the proxy industry, Microleaves has been in the business since 2012 and have been delivering some of the best proxies on the internet.

They provide Residential, Dedicated and Shared Proxies at affordable price points. Providing the locations of all the countries for their Geo backconnect proxies, Microleaves has evolved into the leading proxy provider on the internet with their quality proxies, Affordable price points, and Innumerable datacentres!

Leading Proxy Provider

The best thing about Microleaves is that it is one of the leading proxy selling services in the market. Being a leading proxy provider, Their proxies are of the best quality while being a fully trusted proxy selling service. They have been selling proxies since 2012 and have developed an intimate relationship with thousands of customers from all over the world.

Customer Provider

They provide three different types of proxies on their website which gives their customers a wider range of choice as to which proxies they want to use. Moreover, they provide locations in every country in the world for their Geo-Rotating Residential Proxies.

This means that you can easily select any location you want for these Residential proxies. Microleaves provides the biggest IP pool among all other proxy selling services on the internet with more than 26 Million IP’s! All of these factors combined to exert a leading potential in Microleaves.

Residential Proxy Provider

Residential Proxies are more secure and safer than datacenter proxies. Almost all the residential proxies are rotating proxies. This means that the IP address of your Residential proxy keeps changing after every recurring period, and your IP never stays the same.

Residential proxies have an IP address of a Resident, which is provided by an Authentic ISP. The IP address of these proxies changes after every five minutes.

The best thing about Microleaves is that they provide Residential Proxies. Residential Proxies are the best when it comes to proxy solutions. Despite their higher price point, they are still one of the most used and demanded proxies on the internet.

Numerous Locations

Microleaves provides locations from all over the world when it comes to their Geo-Rotating Residential Proxies. This long list of numerous locations of the world provides the customers with a better opportunity to select the best location for their proxies. If you’re looking for specific locations for your proxies, Geosurf should be your choice!

However, When it comes to Dedicated or Shared Proxies provided by Microleaves, They are only providing a single location from the US which is Buffalo, New York.

Authorization and IP Refresh

Microleaves, like all the other good proxy selling services out on the internet, Provide both types of authentication methods on their proxies. They provide the best Residential Proxies which have both types of Authorization methods enabled. You can use either of the authorization methods to access your proxies from anywhere in the world easily. Following are the authentication methods provided by Microleaves.

  • Username/Password Authentication
  • IP authentication

Having both types of authorization methods provided can help you in accessing your proxies much faster while also provide better security to your own proxies. You can use whichever method suits you the best.

Moreover, With MicroleavesYou can easily refresh your IP your Proxies once every month. This provides you with better proxy quality and management as you can easily refresh your proxies every month with ease.

Unlimited Bandwidth

All proxies that you buy from Microleaves comes with Unlimited bandwidth. This means that you do not have to worry about any sort of data limit when you’re using the proxy, and you can use the proxy to the fullest. Most proxies come with a bandwidth limit, and once you finish up on that limit, you cannot use the proxy anymore.

In the case with Microleaves, there’s no such thing as a Limited Bandwidth. There are no restrictions when it comes to using your proxies limitlessly. You can use your proxies as much as you want, provided that you pay for them each month.

Affordable Proxy Packages

The residential proxies provided by Microleaves may not be some of the cheapest proxies on the internet, But the quality of these proxies is great. Their dedicated proxies are used by a single person only while their Shared Proxies are usually shared among 5 other users. Following are the packages Displayed on their website.


Special Backconnect Proxies

In this proxy package, You can select any location in the world for your Residential Proxies.

Package Bandwidth Time for IP change Price / Month
25 Proxies Unlimited 5 minutes $249
50 Proxies Unlimited 5 minutes $499
100 Proxies Unlimited 5 minutes $999
250 Proxies Unlimited 5 minutes $2499
500 Proxies Unlimited 5 Minutes $4999
1000 Proxies Unlimited 5 Minutes $9999
2000 Proxies Unlimited 5 Minutes $19999

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Basic Backconnect Proxies

In this proxy package, Random worldwide locations are assigned to your Proxies.

Package Bandwidth Time for IP change Price / Month
25 Proxies Unlimited 5 minutes $124
50 Proxies Unlimited 5 minutes $249
100 Proxies Unlimited 5 minutes $499
250 Proxies Unlimited 5 minutes $1249
500 Proxies Unlimited 5 Minutes $2499
1000 Proxies Unlimited 5 Minutes $4999
2000 Proxies Unlimited 5 Minutes $9999
Dedicated Proxies
Package Locations Bandwidth Price / Month
5 Proxies 1 Unlimited $12.5
10 Proxies 1 Unlimited $25
25 Proxies 1 Unlimited $62.5
50 Proxies 1 Unlimited $125
100 Proxies 1 Unlimited $250
250 Proxies 1 Unlimited $625
Shared Proxies
Package Locations Number of users Price / Month
10 Proxies 1 5 $15
25 Proxies 1 5 $25
50 Proxies 1 5 $50
100 Proxies 1 5 $100
300 Proxies 1 5 $300

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Refund Policy and Customer Support

Microleaves does not have any option for having a trial period and using the proxy beforehand to check the quality of the proxies. However, this drawback is excellently overcome by the availability of a refund policy.

Microleave is currently offering a 3-day Refund policy. If you don’t like the experience, Microleave has to provide, or if you simply think the proxy isn’t suitable for your needs, you can easily refund the money you invested in the proxies in 3 days time.

Not only do they provide one of the best proxies on the internet, but their customer support is also commendable. They have a ticket support system. If you have any queries related to their website or the proxies, you can submit a ticket, and they will respond in around 10 minutes. Moreover, there is also a live chat option where you can chat with one of their customer support representatives.

Microleaves Cons

Single location for Dedicated and Shared Proxies

The major drawback of Microleaves is that they are only providing a single location for their Dedicated and Shared Proxies.

This is a major disadvantage as customers do not get any choice or a range of options when it comes to selecing the best location for their proxies. The addition of more options for locations of these proxies is much needed.

Do we recommend Microleaves?

Yes, we definitely do. Microleaves has established itself as the leading company on the internet when it comes to Residential and other proxies.

They have surely strengthened their grounds based on their experience since they started back in 2012 and have evolved into a leading proxy company with data centers all across the globe. Microleaves should be everyone’s choice when it comes to buying Residential Proxies.

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